I just want to tell you that my haircut is celebrity worthy (not that I am saying celebrities deserve a better haircut than us non-celebs) but that the quality is supremo!

Today I walked around the lake with my friend and she could not stop talking about how great my hair looked and with all the gusty wind and occasional rain, after my walk, once I got into my car my hair went right back in place and looked perfect. You are a hair cutting phenom! By the way, this was the first time I have ever noticed people, men, women and even younger men than myself looking at me. (not that I want to be looked at but it confirms for me it's the hair!!!!)

I am so glad Susan recommended you. Perhaps you should insure your hands, they are priceless.




Had to get my hair done today and couldn't get to my usual salon. Helaine took me on short notice on a Monday which is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the area. The salon is so comfortable, pretty and welcoming. The price was no where near as much as I've paid in other salons around town, and the result was better! She takes a lot of pride in her products and definitely stays up to date on the latest hair treatments and product lines. She listened to what I wanted and knew exactly how to achieve it. I highly recommend Helaine Marie and will definitely be back myself :)

Abby P.
Shrewbury, MA


Helaine Marie is focused on you, the client. Customer service is a priority with "Laine". She is an expert colorist and stylist. I compare her to the best on Newbury St. in Boston. I know, I've tried several of them. But at Helaine Marie's if you don't know what cut and/or color is best for you, she will. Or, if you want a very specific cut and color, she will make it happen. It's not the same-old, same-old each time. There's no rushing, no "whatever" attitude; she Listens, she Advises, she Suggests because she wants your hair to be healthy, stylish, and for it to look fabulous. So whether you're young and hip or older and wiser but want to look great; then don't hesitate. You won't regret it, I didn't. Adjacent parking lot, in Stoneham Center across from Stoneham Theater.

Margaret A.
Boston, MA


I love going to helaine marie for services. the owner helaine, is very attentive, takes her time and listens to what i want. she is very peppy and energentic. the shop is cozy and has always been super clean.
i can usually get in when i need to. prices are reasonable. parking is easy as well.
great little gem of a salon

Julie B.
Stoneham, MA



Lanie, I love, love my hair!! I'm so glad that I took your advice! You really know how to make your clients look great. I've gotten lots of compliments. So glad I found you! Thanks again,



Well let me start off with I am probably one of the most hard to please woman regarding my hair and I have been to many salons I have found Helaine marie to be an outstanding stylist. The salon also has exceptional customer service all her employees work to make the customer comfortable if you are looking for a good colorist and stylist try this salon.

Denise K.
from Yelp.com



I never review anything online but have truly found a gem at Helaine Marie's.  Helaine is a wonder with color. I went in with over-bleached blonde hair and left with the most natural color I've ever had. She is fabulous with blonde colors.  She took the time to ask what I needed and wanted while giving professional advice. Love it here and found a forever home for my hair.

Jen C.
from Yelp.com


I "found" Helaine Marie's salon about 4 years ago and was immediately impressed with the owner, Helaine and her attentive service. She has given me a very healthy head of hair! So healthy, in fact, that I drive to Stoneham from Wells, Maine every 5 to 6 weeks to have my hair colored, foiled and cut. It's a 3 hour round trip drive so that tells you how extremely happy & satisfied I am with Helaine Marie's salon.

Kerry C.
from Yelp.com




OK. It is all dry now, and still looked great even after 2 hrs in a sweaty gymnastics place. It is super shiny (no frizz) and the curls are more defined. What did you put in there? Not sure if it was the product, cut or the way you styled it or all of the above. Too bad I'm going to spin class tomorrow, where it is all downhill in the hair arena.... Thanks again for listening and helping me decide. Pure genius!!! :O) Ooh and the highlight color looks like Victoria Beckham's exactly!

Melissa F.



Katelynn was absolutely amazing! Was very nervous at first because we had a small miscommunication about my base color but they did exactly what I wanted and fixed the problem. I was even more impressed with katelynns hair cutting skills. I was having trouble finding a hair dresser who knew how to cut my hair the way I wanted. When katelynn pulled out the razor and started using the razor around my face I knew I found my new hair dresser. overall a great experience and will definitely be seeing her again.



This place is amazing! Everything I look for in a hair salon...great customer service and exceptional hair care. I've definitely found my new salon in Mass! Thanks Helaine! You're the best!



I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love, love, loooooooooooooove my hair cut! It looks gorgeous and is just the right length, so you chose right with how much you took off. The intricate layers look so good (sassy!), and it is actually easier for me to style. This is a keeper!

Thank you so much for working with me on this; I know I can be very picky when it comes to the cutting of my hair and probably frustrating (to some people, anyway) because I'm so exacting with symmetry. You really do a great precision hair cut ... you're a star!

Much Appreciated,


I would recommend Keratin hair treatments to anyone.  It's amazing! I've always wanted soft, silky, straight hair and to be able to go outside without my hair turning into a frizz ball and now I can - thanks to Helaine Marie and Keratin!  It's expensive - but it's worth it.  I originally got the Keratin Blowout which lasts for up to 6 weeks - I actually got 7 weeks before deciding to get the treatment that lasts for approx. 5 months.  It is recommended that you use the Keratin shampoo and conditioner once you have the treatment done which is what I did. They are a little on the expensive side too, but you only need a small amount, so they should last a long time. I love the feel of my hair and it has a shine to it that it never had before.  Blowdrying is a breeze and takes less time than before. The only downside was not being able to wash my hair for 3 days after getting the treatment done - a small price to pay for the end result.  I love it. 10/10. 

Carole, Acton, MA


"I have been a client of Helaine Marie's for 3 years and a consistantly happy customer at her Salon. Helaine is devoted to making her clients' "customer satisfaction" a reality each time they walk through the door. Her salon is bright and cheery and she has always made my experience there a great one. The integrity in which Helaine Marie conducts her Salon is a standout feature and I highly recommend her for quality service, expertise in the hair care field, and an all-around super experience that will make anyone a loyal client for years to come."

June W


I am a long time client of Lanie's and she knows my hair really well, and how it can be unmanageable at times. My biggest problem is that it becomes frizzy and puffy soon after I style it, and especially in humid weather. (I have fine hair, but lots of it). Lanie recently started offering the Express Blowout at her salon and she recommended it for my hair. She did the blowout on me last week and one week later my hair is still smooth and manageable. I no longer have frizzy or puffy hair! I am really amazed that when I style it now, it stays that way all day and night. I also like that I can wear it straight or wavy. The waves are more in control and I don't have that messy look like I used to. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this service to anyone!

Jennifer M


"I am a person with extremely course and unruly hair. I have spent a fortune trying every product and treatment to hit the shelf for years now, only to be disappointed. I can not count the frustrated hours I have spent fighting to manage this mess. At my recent haircut appointment, Lainie mentioned the new Keratincomplex. Skeptical as always, I agreed to try the Express Blowout. It has been a week now and my hair is AMAZING. I feel like a new person! It is smooth, shiny and more manageable. It took half the time and energy to style, and actually withstands the heat, humidity, workouts, etc.. that it NEVER has before. With the summer rapidly approaching, I am absolutely thrilled! This product actually has changed my life, and I did the lesser of the two treatments HelaineMarie is offering. When this wears off, I will not hesitate to spend the money for the longer lasting treatment. THERE IS NO PRICE FOR THIS for a girl like me! The only person happier might be my husband who is thrilled not to have to wait on me and listen to me complain anymore (he is convinced I got a hair transplant)! The treatment is fabulous, an absolute must have for those of us not blessed with naturally smooth hair!"

Stacy H